Smart Energy

Smart Sockets and Plugs

Save energy and money using MiHome’s range of smart sockets and plugs and control your appliances wherever you are


House Monitor

Monitor your whole house from anywhere

Understanding your energy usage can help you make more informed decisions about where you are spending money. The MiHome House Meter provides real time energy usage for your home.

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Smart Plug+

Monitor and control your appliances from anywherer

The MiHome Smart Plug+ combines the functions of the monitor and the control products. The device allows you to monitor the amount of electricity being used by the appliance plugged in to the socket..

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WiFi Smart Plug

Control your devices from anywhere - no Gateway required

The Alexa-compatible MiHome WiFi Smart Plug enables you to control your devices from anywhere without the need of a MiHome Gateway giving you peace of mind that you'll never leave devices running again.

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appliance power meter

Appliance Power Monitor

Appliance Power Monitor

Check the cost of using your appliances with the easiest way. The APM (Appliance Power Monitor) will show you all the necessary information you need in order to understand how your appliances are consuming energy over time.

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